A Peek into How Societal Norms and Trends Impact Clothing Trends

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Clothing has been a part of human history for centuries before those of us alive today even existed. For reasons involving human decency and decorum, clothing has become a part and parcel of every individual’s daily lifestyle. People wear clothes on a daily for a variety of occasions perhaps casual-outings, jobs, vacations, going to places of worship or playing sports. However, everybody’s clothing styles differ because as humans leading separate lives we go to different places at different times.

Societal Norms in Corporates

Societal Norms have been ingrained in our minds and often we wear what is appropriate for certain situations without even thinking twice. For example: Wearing something comfortable at the gym, wearing jackets or sweaters in the winter, corporate uniform design at corporates, etc.

Clothing has been evolving almost every day. Film, TV, Social Media, Celebrity, Influencers, Sportsmen, etc. all play a major role in setting societal norms. For decades people have determined what is appropriate to wear at certain spaces with reference to people who existed before them.  For example, a Chef will wear a Chef uniform Dubai. This is because it has become a tradition for chefs to wear a certain type of clothing. They wear white chef jackets Dubai because it reflects professionalism, cleanliness and reflects heat.

Societal Norms have seeped into many spaces including corporates. Corporate and business decorum is unique. These are spaces where professionalism is maintained in an almost strict and disciplined manner- quite similar to educational institutions. The corporate clothing style is a world in itself. A world where clothing styles are completely unphased, regardless of what trends start and finish on the outside.

Corporate uniform suppliers and Business Uniform suppliers, supply different designs of clothing to various firms. Business uniforms are clothes that are worn by all individuals in a particular department and these clothes: their colour and style represent that department as a whole. For example, Janitors, Mechanics and Nurses will have a specific style of clothing which helps identify who they are and their role played in the workspace.

Every Corporate or business has different rules and this uniformity isn’t standard. Corporate clothing can vary and depend on personal preferences and certain details like a coat or a tie are added to showcase roles, importance or designations. This is why several corporate clothing suppliers sell clothes that are unique and give individuals a choice.

Trends with Custom Clothing

Trends are set frequently and are a big reason as to why Custom t-shirt printing Dubai has witnessed growth. TV and Films have played a huge role in making custom t-shirt printing a norm. Characters played by actors and actresses on film often have an impact on the lives of people. This includes Musicians, Sportsmen and Superheroes. Large corporates make merchandise for these popular performers but can’t always meet the vision of everybody. This desperation of wanting to possess something you love and have the control over it to assure that it matches your vision is what leads to the popularity of custom superhero jackets, musician t-shirts or custom basketball uniform.

Trends are set and subsequently defied by certain individuals. Oftentimes because of bandwagons (both negative and positive) these individuals that defy norms set new trends. This cycle of trends- Beginning, getting over-saturated or Defied and then Ending occurs frequently. These conspicuous changes in clothing show how trends and societal norms have an impact on Clothing.

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