A Peek into the History of the Iconic Polo T-shirt

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Over the past century, the Polo T-shirt has evolved and grown from a simple tennis court sportswear to a must-have in the wardrobe of the urban man. It has stamped its authority as a style icon for those who want to combine a sporty look with an elegant and classic one, over a period of time. Ask any polo t-shirt supplier in dubai and you will realize that it has gained immense value and popularity amongst the style icons of the modern man.

Polo T-shirt – A brief background

A polo t-shirt has a pretty standardized design that has stood the test of time over the years, loved and adopted by millions of fans across the globe. Typically, a polo t-shirt has a collar, a placket with two (sometimes three) buttons with the pocket being optional. If you are looking for polo shirts for men Dubai, it won’t be a difficult task since every modern city has stores selling these t-shirts at prominent malls and shopping districts.

The origin of this iconic menswear has its roots in the game of tennis and has found tremendous popularity in the regal game of golf too. Hence it is also known as a tennis shirt or a golf shirt. Let us rewind a little bit to understand how it has evolved and grown into a brand icon in itself. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the standard uniform for tennis professionals and players were long-sleeved button-up shirts, white in color, where the user had to roll up the sleeves. These were known as Tennis whites.

This tennis attire was quite restrictive for the kind of movements players had to make while playing a robust game of tennis and almost everyone found it to be impractical. During the 1926 US Open Tennis Championships, French player Rene Lacoste designed a white cotton t-shirt with short sleeves and used it throughout the tournament. To enhance its look further, he added a crocodile motif to the left chest and the first tennis shirt came into existence. Polo shirts t-shirts Dubai and other international cities then took the polo players’ world under its spell when they realized how uncomfortable their own long sleeved t-shirts were. In the 1930s, began using Lacoste’s t-shirts when he began mass marketing them and it officially became known as the Polo shirt or T-shirt.

Today, there are many polo shirt supplier in dubai of repute who are associated with top brands like Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, Fred Perry and U.S. Polo Assn.

Polo T-shirts- The perfect combination of Comfort and Style

The polo t-shirt is the smart amalgamation of a number of features that make it stylish and practical for sports as well as casual wear. The collar is perfect to keep you safe from the hot sun when it is upturned when outdoors. Since its origins are in sports, the classic polo shirt is slightly longer at the back than in the front so it does not get untucked when the user bends forward during any physical activity. There is a lot of demand for polo shirt with reflective stripes to make it visible while outdoors during evening or late nights. It is a standard rule to ensure that when the polo shirt is worn untucked, your back pocket should not be covered more than halfway by the t-shirt.

The polo shirt scores over others in terms of versatility and use. It can be used at events and get-togethers with family and friends and is the perfect wear to keep you cool during summer afternoons too. Since corporate polo shirts Dubai can easily give you a formal look, it is a brilliant combination when it is paired with a blazer and a smart pair of trousers. It is also a wonderful pairing when combined with a pair of jeans or cotton or linen trousers with white trainers to complete the ensemble. Choose a polo t-shirt that fits perfectly over your body frame but is slightly tight at the arms, and not too long. You can decide whether to tuck it in or not, depending upon the kind of trouser or shorts you are wearing.

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