How to Choose the Perfect Hospital Uniforms to meet all Your Requirements

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Those who are an integral part of the health care or medical profession understand the need of a uniform and the role that it plays. It is the first barrier between any external contact that the doctor or nurse may come in with, be it the patient itself or any clinical compounds. Hospital Uniform Manufacturers Dubai are adept at producing and designing perfect nurse uniforms or scrubs so that they meet international standards.

The common Medical Scrub Uniform is divided into two parts, the upper piece (the shirt) and the lower one (pants). Another type is the single piece one for female nurses that has to be worn with long socks or stockings. The material used is generally cotton or a combination of cotton and polyester, while the color can be white, grey or blue. Staff who assist doctors during surgeries prefer white while those in the pediatric ward are biased towards other colors as they have to interact with children.

Choosing the right hospital uniforms online

Are you looking to select the appropriate hospital uniform dresses for your staff or for yourself? Then do check out the following points before finalizing it:

The uniform should not expose skin or innerwear

It is important to choose uniforms that promote comfort and adapt to body movement and not move against it. If the pants slide down or shirts lifts up, it can cause embarrassment to the staff as well as patients and is seen as unprofessional. Appropriate fitting is important too especially around the necklines and hip areas.

Uniform colors matter

If you have a specific color scheme in mind, make sure those colors are easily available. As a general rule, dark colours like maroon, navy blue, black and dark brown hold stains in a better way. Lighter colors may look better but are prone to getting dirty and discolored quickly.

Ensure there are enough pockets

Pockets are a nurse’s best ally in a work uniform. They are useful to stuff and carry small items around. Items like a stethoscope, a chart, pen or pencil or you mobile phone are always needed and pockets can come in handy to carry them. Pockets can be in the top or the pants where a pair of scissors, alcohol pads and extra pair of gloves can be kept.

Quality material is the key

Any nurse uniform Dubai should be of good quality and though this could mean a slightly higher cost, it will be worth it during duty. The quality of the cloth, the stitching and breathable material are as important as the colour and other aesthetic factors.

Most professionals recommend buying hospital scrubs UAE that are comfortable in terms of fit. Uniforms need to stand the wear and tear of long stretches of time but they also have to be the right fit, not too loose nor too tight. You should buy multiple pairs of hospital uniforms so they can be washed and ironed and one pair can be kept as a spare.

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